ABOUT ME - since my childhood I have felt close to art. At home, I was always encouraged to take an interest in art and different styles of painting and I was often involved in drawing contests representing my school. As an adult, I studied a career to do with health, but I kept drawing from time to time and my interest for art never finished. In 2009 I completed the course "three painting techniques: oil, tempera and acrylic" in the School of Art, University of Chili. My aim is delivering high quality artwork.

PAINTINGS - I feel comfortable using oils and acrylics on canvas. I am keen on portraits and landscapes. In relation to portraits it is important for me to achieve naturalness. Finally I would like to add that I have never followed a model, everything I make is a product of my own pictorial resources and idealizations of the images I use, is what genuinely flows from my hands, my identity as an artist.

DRAWINGS - to make my drawings, I use graphite, polychrome and chalk. Through a realistic and detailed style I give life to my creations. When using graphite, take to enhance the contrast of tones, shadows and light. When drawing in color I aim colors to harmonize and to be vivid the same time. I pay attention in dimensions and perspective to be accomplished in the best possible way.

CERAMICS - I’m inspired by nature, especially animals for modeling clay original pieces. Then copies are obtained using molds and only after several stages of the process, they become ornamental art pieces in which fine finish can be appreciated.

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